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My Sasuke 24 Navi (spoilers)

Before we start: here are Lost in Ube's entries : Sasuke 24 Navi and..uhm...dunno how to call this one, but it was pretty funny. Oh, and also Arsenette's Sasuke 24 Navi blog. As always, if you want a detailed these, not mine :P
I've had trouble getting pictures for this one, 'cause for some reason I couldn't fast forward nor take back the video while rewatching it to take pics.
I'm exhausted, but I'm still enjoying blogging a lot :D

Here we go!

I want YOU...

for the Comedians' Army!

I didn't really pay attention to them, since I expected their part to take much less time and I only recognize few of them, like Tetsuro Degawa, Mr. Narcissist, or Wakky.
But they DID make me laugh!Most of them were shown while "training", but for SOME reason the Descente logo was everywhere...bah.
Oh, I also remember boy band Shinsegumi Rien (they also were in Sasuke 23).
These two guys (comedy duo Audrey, I think) were worth a pic!

Miming the Takeda/Nagano slap...

(picture by Rambling Rican)
Without towel! Ouch!


wtf? Is this the Sato I know?

Ok, recovered from the haircut shock...
Showing him making his family proud...(I'm still wondering how the heck did he pass the Salmon Ladder...)

(picture by Arsenette)
...only to get killed on the Metal Spin.

After Shinsegumi Rien we had Sasuke commercial...


and normal commercials.

(NO I don't want to buy...uh...whatever you want me to buy!)

(lol mom's gonna love it...)

Back...starting with a blast!

Kazuhiko Akiyama, Sasuke 4!Kanzenseiha!

Makoto Nagano, Sasuke 17! Kansenseiha!

Who among these warriors...uhm no, sounds like G4...
Who among these athletes will achieve the third Kanzenseiha in the history of Sasuke?

Serious competitors' fluff pieces, finally :P
And after all those comedians...and Sato...Last Battle!

Here's the moment I've been waiting for! Sorry know I love him... :P

Obviously as soon ans I saw this I squeaked.


Ok, back :P

Training on his boat as usual.

Or maybe not?

Where is he going?Asami please stop him if he wants to do something insane...
Oh btw...Kaiou! Kawaiiiiiii!

He's trying to improve his rope climbing. Not surprising at all, after what happened in Sasuke 23!

Nagano in his Final Stage failed attempt, Sasuke 23.

Now, this man desperatly needs lessons on how to practise safely...d'ya remember his Slider Jump? (thanks to Rider Leangle from the Maniacs' Forum)

This is how he practises rope climbing...

yep...he's doing something insane...

See, Kaiou? Your daddy's really good at rope climbing...but he still can't do a 12 seconds...
LoL joking. This has to be one of the cutest shots of the whole Navi :D
For the first time I heard Kaiou's voice...he's such a good baby, he never screamed on camera :P he's already used to be on tv, poor baby.

But what's this music? The Pale Warrior with Orange Pants is coming! The firefighter, Toshihiro Takeda!

Takeda struggling on the Hang Climbing, Sasuke 23

Seems that he finally understood he must practise free climbing. Where is he going?Irony, in a place called G4. Ah well.
However, he's having problems...yep, still having problems...down he goes!
He's definitely bad at it isn't it?
Uh, wait, there's some old man telling him something. What is he telling him? I have no idea, I don't speak Japanese. Ube said:
"He gets some help from a kindly old man, not unlike a sifu in a kung-fu movie. Later, he will die and Toshihiro will have to avenge his death."
He's trying again...

...going better. He's now bringing up his knees...probably this is what the old man said.

Going up...

...and up...

and up on the top!

(picture from Rambling Rican)
"Haha are you still down there? Suckers!"

"See? I'm the best climber in the world ^^"

"Uhm...mister Takeda...there's still Lee En climber..."

"Oh screw you..."

Aww cute shot of the Takeda family!!

The little kid wants to say something to his mom...

"Yes sweetheart?"
"I hear chickens..."
"What? We'll play later, love, we are on TV now."
"But mommy, I hear chickens!Hey, now I can see them too! They have weapons, they scream and..."
"Shut up now, you're ruining daddy's fluff piece!"

Children are always right...the Chickens are Revolting!

It's time for Shingo Yamamoto!

In Sasuke 23 he finally returned to glory, after five tournaments of...

sometimes embarrassing...
...first stage fails.

He finally passed First Stage

(Rambling Rican)™SHINGO SPLASHDOWN NAIL-BITING FINALE...uh...Shingo passing the Second Stage. Unfortunately, probably under the Wall Lift, his shoulder (the one that he dislocated in the Sasuke 7 Final Stage) messed up again and in Stage 3 he wasn't able to complete the Arm Rings.

Shingo a few seconds before falling on the Arm Rings in Sasuke 23

I was both worried and happy watching Shingo's piece. This shoulder is becoming a really big problem...but I'm happy to see that he's still motivated and taking seriously his physical therapy.

Oh btw...I'm skipping on the jokes been made about rubber bands. :P

Because whatever he does, he must do it every day, every hour, every minute! At home and at work!
And in the end, ladies and gentleman...

Shingo Yamamoto doing parkour!

Why should Levi Meeuwenberg have all the fun? :P

Now we go from Shingo doing parkour to the worse front yard I've ever seen.'s him...

Mr. Sasuke, Katsumi Yamada!
Here's Sasuke 23 footage reminding him what he said after his run in the last tournament: if he doesn't pass Stage 1 in Sasuke 24, he'll retire. I don't know if I believe him...but this is what he said.
Anyway, after Sasuke 23 he finally took his lack of stamina seriously.

Yamada failing (sorry I must say it...spectacularly)the Slider Jump with only a few seconds remaining on the clock

And he's really working out a lot!He lost 6!
LOL only in Japan...looks like one of those ads that pop out whenever I use internet:

Learn The Secret Tip To Burn Fat In 4 Weeks!

I imagine the wtf faces whenever people met him while he was jogging.

Nice view btw!

Now talking seriously. I hopw he passes the First Stage this time. Not only because I've had enough of all this drama around his Mr. Sasuke mask...I don't like him so much, but I don't hate him. Simply because he is a man...he'd be crushed if he really retired, in my opinion.
Enough! What's next?

New Stars!
Where's Akiyama?
Did you TBS guys forget he is an All-Star? And that there have been other Sasukes before Sasuke 9 when Nagano came in? I mean, you know Nagano is my favourite, but hell, you keep forgetting TWO men achieved Kanzenseiha. Two. Not only Nagano.
They only gave him a couple of shots...well, their own decision, but I must say it's not fair in my opinion.
Ok, let's go on or I'll blow up something. Most likely, TBS :P
Let's start with Hitoshi Kanno, who did a great job in Sasuke 23!

After an epic recovery on the Salmon Ladder in stage 2...

He went all the way to the Final Stage!

Unfortunately, his run ended with a timeout on the G-Rope.

Obviously he's now focusing on rope climbing.'re on can't crash like that... j/k


He still hasn't found a proper job. Yamada 2 anyone?
Anyway, TBS also showed us this incredible clip...

...because all we want from the Navi is watching them cooking!

Ok, now for the rest of the New Stars...oh wait, there's only one left. Nevermind :P

Yuuji Urushihaara!

Sasuke 22 finalist, in the last tournamend he's been pwned unexpectedly by the Unstable Bridge.

Yuuji failing the Unstable Bridge in Sasuke 23

He thinks the problem is his balance, so he trains on a...uh?

Wtf is that? Never seen one.
Anyway, he isn't only training on that. Here's the UNCLIs' base!

Here's the UNCLIs' base!
LoL at what Ube said about this shot...

Tomohiro Kawaguchi 川口朋広!Hiroki Nomura 野村宏樹! Makoto Yahagi 矢作誠! Ryo Matachi 又地諒! Koji Hashimoto 橋本亘司! Keita Tomino 富野恵太! It's like a picnic. With obstacles."

Yuuji really wants to get rid of that damn thing...uh wait, he just fell.
I laughed so hard when I got the translation of what they said here :D

Ryo Matachi: Why did you fall?
Yuuji: I don't know.

When I saw Yuuji taking ice and water I wondered "Wtf is he doing?"

Then realized...

That's insane!Shin cliffhanger with icy cold hands...that must hurt!
A piece of cake for Yuuji but Kanno went "OMFGithurtsITHURTS!" as soon as he put his hands in the water :P
The final race between the New Stars!

Kanno wins in my opinion.

Right before commercials, some speed shots of the competitors!



Finally, Akiyama! (OMG he's blond...)

Nagano! (*cough* squeak! *cough*)

"Uh...lady...I'm married!"

Now the New Stars!Kanno!



...that Sato commercial again...I saw it during Sasuke 23...

Oh man thay did a Yamada commercial...that's cruel!

Finally, we're back. I was expecting something about him, Kongu and Lee, but TBS didn't agree :S

Anyway, here's Yoshiyuki Okuyama, former 200 meters runner with a personal best of 20.99 seconds (if I remember correctly :P)

In Sasuke 23 he got this revenge on the Shin Cliffhanger, but was eliminated painfully by the Spider Flip.

Aw he's got two wonderful kids! Is it someone's birthday?

He wants his revenge on that damn obstacle too!

Uhm...that thing doesn't seem stable enough...
Ah well. his choice.
Final trailer!


Here's TBS' goodbye!


Comedians I can't recognize!






I just want to watch the show! See ya on January 1st, people!