giovedì 17 dicembre 2009

Going on

Ok, after a bit of workout I finally managed to find a way to contact my "local broadcasting station" :P
After a long research, I found out the GXT channel is property of Switchover Media ( the english versione of the website ). I only was able to find it on gxt's site's terms of service The good thing is that in in their "What We Do" section they put Ninja Warrior (sigh) in their main programs list . Even if they list it as Crazy Show...sigh...
Anyway, now I still have to decide what to do.
Maybe I should ask them if they still have the rights for NW and why aren't they airing Sasuke 21 and 22 yet (asking for 23 would be freaky, since even G4 hasn't aired it yet), and then if I get a reply back I'll talk them about the M9 thing.
Going straight the last one would sound stupid, I think. And I WANT to ask them when the hell are they going to air Sasuke 21 and 22, even if I already saw them :P
There also are two other news, a good one and a bad one.
The good one is that they just had an agreement with another company which will manage their commercials campaigns, and it's written that Publikompass (the company) is very confident in the potential of the channel;clearly they aren't aout of money.
The bad news is that they might end up like G4...As you can see, they already air a lot of shows that G4 airs.
Let's just hope it doesn't happen.
C'mon, another step up the stair! Japan, here I come!!!

2 commenti:

  1. Good detective work! I'd ignore the "when are you going to air" thing and go straight to the heart of the matter. If they don't know what M9 is deferring people it will take some time convincing. Concentrate on one project at a time. Getting people (i.e. yourself) on Sasuke and let the rest of the cards fall where they may.

  2. hmm now that you made me think about're right. I thought to do that thing to know if they still have the rights, but they do have them or they wouldn't be airing Sasuke 18-20 and kunoichi 7.
    Ok, writing down a stub of the letter tonight or tomorrow, I think.