lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

There's a reason why we're called...

Sasuke Maniacs...
Yesterday I finally had a bit of free time. It's been a long busy week (Or I would already had wrote and sent my letter to Switchover Media), and my brother finally is back from Turin (he's in University), so we played a bit.
We were playing cards, since we both were too sleepy to fight (that's what we used to mean with the word "game" in the old days :P how much furniture we destroyed...), and I was waiting for his next move, when I saw some pieces of another game and couldn't help but build this...

I then realized, called my father and told him: "Guess what's this...". He didn't get it, so I had to show him a picture of the Jumping Spider. He shaked his head, told me "Aren't you a bit of a maniac?" and left.
I liked it so much I took pics. Well, I'm taking pics of a bit of everything in these days :P

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  1. LOL yeah... (raises hand)... I get the looks as well every so often :p