venerdì 4 dicembre 2009

Top Ten Things I Wouldn't Have Done If I Never Met Sasuke

I recently I was thinking about how much Sasuke is affecting my everyday life. At this point I spend a good part of my (little) free time posting/reading Sasuke forums and blogs, training, looking for info. You know, it's the first time for me that I share experiences with people from other countries, and that I find something that thrills me so much.
It's great!
There's so much that changed, but some things are really weird/funny/awesome
So, here's my top ten Priceless Things I wouldn't have done if I never met Sasuke.

-Looking at WTF faces after telling people "I'm training for a Japanese obstacle course"
-Trying to learn to jump trampoline without jumping, and without a trampoline
-Becoming a (novice) traceur
-Saying "Good morning" to someone when it's 5 p.m.
-Imagining Wataru Hogasawara yelling "SPYYYDAMONKIKKIIIII"
-Enjoying Japanese TV without having a clue about what they're talking about
-Enjoying it even more after being told what they're talking about
-Yelling by mistake "Miyazaki Daisuke" instead of "Give me the ball" while playing handball
-Rejoicing at getting a message from Makoto Nagano
-Pulling victory poses every time I look at a mirror

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