venerdì 20 novembre 2009

All-Stars portraits

I've never been very good in drawing (still today I have to work hard to barely have a 6/10 in the Art class), but when I'm inspired, motivated, and (mostly)when I have something to copy, I like drawing after all.
Last summer I had a big, big sasuke-mania attack. I couldn't train because it rained, so I was surfing the net and found this big picture in Nagano's website . Besides immediatly putting it as desktop picture (I'm a fangirld and I'm proud of it :P ) , I thought : why not drawing it?
From this, I had an idea: making a portrait of all the All-Stars, and once I've finished them all, sending each picture to them.
The problem is that, as I said before, I'm not that good at drawing, at least when I've got nothing to look at. For Nagano it wasn't a problem, there are so many big and high-quality picture on his website I could draw a giant poster, not a portrait. For Akiyama I found this picture on Arsenette's blog, and thought it was perfect. Found something for Takeda too, but for Yamada, Shingo and Bunpei I still can't find nothing. Either the pictures are too small or too low-quality.
Well, I haven't finished Takeda's portrait yet, but here are Nagano's and Akiyama's.

I must say I'm quite satisfied. I like them very much, and hope to be able to do the same for the other All-Stars.

Here it goes again!

Sasuke 24 airdate announcement! Awesome!
Oh, for those who (like me) don't speak Japanese, here's Arsenette's blog .
Seems that the airdate should be on New Year's day. I won't have the problem of skipping school, but my parents and relatives won't be very happy if I stick on the computer all the day. I don't care...all they do is chatting, chatting, chatting on new year's day.
But it's gonna be 6 friggin hours, PLUS...a 2 hours preview with a 30 minutes news break. 8...hours...of...sasuke...again...AWESOME!=P
Anyway, I'm a bit worried.
Most of us have the feeling that Sasuke 24 could be the last one.
I hope not, I do really hope not, and I won't surrender even if they announce 24 to be the last one. Emailing campaigns, petitions, tons of letters, I'm sure the fan community can do theese things and others to keep it going.
Now that Sasuke has become a so much big part of my life, they want to end it? No, it won't be.
But let's cheer up! C'mon everybody, Sasuke 24 is coming!

lunedì 16 novembre 2009

A Big One

Yesterday I partecipated to the foundation of the new boyscout group of my town. It was a kinda big event...the last one was founded about 20 years ago.
It was so strange...when I first joined the boyscouts I was so enthusiastic that I imagined founding the Matera 3...and now here it comes!
It was damn emotional. Raffaele and Mina were both about to cry, we were friggin 200 in that small branch, it was awesome! And I love the new foulard.
Another thing to add to my Big Events list.

Way out

You know, about the post of yesterday...I took it with too much anger. I simply started bitching instead of trying to find a solution.
After the rage was gone, I worked on it, and solved the problem in less than 10 minutes...nah, it definitely wasn't worth it.
Next time I'll be more careful...I hope. Ya never know when you're gonna loose it.

domenica 15 novembre 2009

Promises? GTFO!

ok now I'm really pissed off...REALLY...
My parents promised me -PROMISED ME- they'd do what they could to help me training. They would have helped me building obstacles and so on...
Today I asked them if I could put a SINGLE wooden board in the garden to simulate the Spider Flip. ONE, not two, not the entire thing, ONE. I asked them why, they said it wouldn't have worked. I explained them that it would have worked, and asked my father if I could. Ya know what he told me? Ya know what? " I don't want a stupid wooden board in my garden".

First: YOUR garden? YOUR??? I live here too, yo? Have you noticed that?
Second: You put whatever you wanted in that garden, you put a horrible stone floor on a good part of it, I told you I didn't like it but I didn't say anything more. You put in a horrible metal thing you call "gazebo" in it, I told you I didn't like it but didn't say anything more. I let you do whatever you wanted of MY bedroom, and now I can't put a single friggin WOODEN BOARD in OUR garden?
Third: you...YOU PROMISED you would have helped me, you would have done whatever you could to help me!
When I promise you something you tell me a promise is a promise and I should never give it up. Yeah, I really do believe you.

sabato 14 novembre 2009


Yesterday Ryo Matachi (Unlimited Cliffer #2) put up a lot of videos on his youtube channel .
As I found the videos I kept posting them on Sasuke Maniac. A friend was up and working too, so I ended up chatting with her a bit -doesn't happen very often because of friggin timezones- about the videos. You know, while watching Matachi's videos, I first felt bad. Before I was all excited because of the video I made (btw, here it is ), but when I saw that stuff I felt really strange. Humiliated, perhaps? I was wondering why I made my video if there was loads of people who could do so much better than me. Also, when I see all those obstacle replicas, events, I wonder why the hell are those possibilities denied to me.
The bad thing of watching those videos is that I sometimes end up forgettin how old am I, how old are they, and were do I live.
Well, after a while my friend reminded that me Ryo Matachi is 6 years older than me... It was like...waking up.
My brain suddenly decided to come back from Gnawland, and reminding me I'm 14, I started to train 3 months ago, I can't afford replicas and I live in Italy. Why worrying? I'm doing what I can, what the hell!
After a bit I turned off the computer and went to the fencing training.
And this is where the good thing comes up.
While on the bus, I thought about the videos, and the usual whisper in my mind told me: "One day I'll be able to do that too"
Actually, I don't think that day is so far away. It will take time and hard work, but I'll show that

even without friggin obstacle replicas =P

giovedì 12 novembre 2009

First training video

Here it is!

It gave a loads of problems, but finally they're all fixed, and this is the result. Well, it's more something I want to look at to see how much progress I've made than an actual training video. It's my start point.
Anyway, I'm quite satisfied.

martedì 10 novembre 2009

Doubts/Sasuke update

Yesterday night I had this feeling before falling asleep..."I should stop this. Sasuke is not a real thing at this point, I'm just wasting my time".
Today I came back home from school, and after lunch I went to tidy my room. In the corridor, I started imagining the run up and then the jump on a trampoline, then realized what I was doing. My brain simply whispered me "...Spider Jump, uh?".
I did that without even thinking about it, like when I see two walls and start spiderwalking through them, or go under the stairs and climb them. It's now part of my daily life...why should I stop? It makes me happy.
Anyway, here's Arsenette's new Sasuke blog, about Makoto Nagano's last radio interview. I still have to listen to it, but I'll do it later. I won't understand 99% of what they say, so it's not that important. Cute pics, tho!

Oh, I nearly forgot about this. Yesterday I finished copying&pasting the Sasuke&parkour training/mess up video I took with my Ninja Bear friend a couple of weeks ago. Still can't decide what to put as audio background, but I'll post it soon.

domenica 8 novembre 2009


Yesterday I went with my boyscout mates to sell some roasted chestnuts. We do that every year, and we finally got the permission to stay in the central public square of the town. We settled the fire tanks and started cooking.
I'm a stoker in the group. I though I would have had time to think to myself while watching the fire, but, well, it didn't go exactly that way. The fire kept going too much up, burning the chestnuts, or too low, not cooking them, and the cook started being nervous so I had to pay much more attention.
Anyway, it was just fine. Even if I couldn't get lost in my thoughts and dreams, I simply love being the stoker of the team, sitting in front of the fire and keeping it up is really relaxing.
Open the tank, check the fire, put some wood in, keep watching it. It's simple, unless there's a lot of wind. Anyway, I had my friends sticking around, joking, talking with people passing by and asking what were we doing. It was fun to realize I was feeling at the same time like one of them, or like someone who was watching them behind a glass.
In the end, the fire was hot enough to immediately absorb the wood I put in, so I could just put a bigger log and let it go. Then I started thinking, and dreaming.
I thought about how much I love the people that were around me, who I grew with. I thought about how lovely it was to see other people I love passing by and waving a hand, and to wave a hand back. I dreamed about how wonderful it would be to make of my life just what I want, to be a famous writer, or whatever I want to do, and being able to stick to that for passion and work.
As always, I thought about what would I do if I managed to go to Japan and compete in Sasuke. The excitement to be there, to meet the people I admire, to finally run the course...then I thought I still don't have money to travel there, and even if I had, would I be chosen to compete?
But I didn't want those thoughts to wake me up. I just kept watching the fire, and getting lost in my dreams.

lunedì 2 novembre 2009

Hello boys!

Here I am. But who am I? You gotta read this if you want to know who am I.

-Who are you?
-I'm a dreamer.
-Who are you?
-I'm a dreamer, I tell you. Nothing else.

I live in Matera, south Italy. Cool being italian, uh? Not at all, but it's the perfect place for me. Why? I still don't know. My interests...uhm. I love reading (except for school books). I grew up with the Harry Potter saga, and now I eat fantasy books : they're food for my brain. This is where it all starts. Until I turned ten I secretly wouldn't admit Harry Potter was just a book, and I still like imagining how would it be like if it, or the Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of the Emerged World etc etc weren't just books. Why? I.Am.A.Dreamer. My love for fantasy books is a way to compensate how much I wished it was real. I like playing computer and surfing the net. This is another strange thing, for other girls I know. They mostly use computer to chat, chat, chat. I mostly use it to play MMORPGs (like Rappelz), and to join forums, follow blogs, especially Sasuke forums and blogs (see later). I listen to all kinds of music, from classic to metal (I'm not joking). I don't usually watch much TV but there are many series I follow, House, Lie to Me, Flash Forward, Lost, Mythbusters. I also love sport. I fence since three years ago, I do athletics (long run, gonna start long jump this year). I'm actually training for Sasuke (don't know what is it?, a Japanese obstacle course. Well, I'll probably never have the money to pay the travel to Japan and get a shot, so why am I training? I.Am.A.Dreamer. Keep thinking this while you read here, or most of the things I'll write won't make any sense. Even if I'll never get there, I enjoy training. Also, what if tomorrow my uncle wins the lottery, or the next week I find a wallet full of money (yes, I'd spend it for this)? I want to be ready; and you never know when being in shape will help you. My devotion to Sasuke is a sort of "thank you", too. If it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have met a lot of people, I wouldn't have had experiences like watching the live broadcast of the 23th tournament. Mostly, I wouldn't have met theese guys > <, who I like a lot and enjoy chatting with, I wouldn't have read theese blogs ; - and met who writes them.
I still don't know what I want to do of my future. I'm in second year of high school, and I'd like to do a lot of things. I enjoy writing, acting, playing music (I play saxophone and sometimes keyboard), but also I'd LOVE a career of professional stuntwoman -I forgot to tell you I do some parkour and freerunning too when I have time-.
Is it impossible to do that where I live?

When I watch a good film, or TV series episode, I dream to meet the actors, one day, and make jokes with them about their character. Impossible, and stupid maybe, but
When I read a good fantasy book, I wish it was real. Childish, but
Dreaming about this led me to having a talent in writing stories.
When I watch Sasuke, I dream to someday get on the course, and do well, be the first girl since the second tournament to clear first stage and more. Nearly impossible, but
I'm training, having fun, learning parkour and freerunning. Dreaming about this led me to meet lots of new people. When I read Sasuke blogs, I dream to one day meet my idols, the All-Stars. Nearly childish, and nearly impossible? No. I kept dreaming about this in the past two years and I still do, and look at what I had. Thanks to the help of a friend I'll never stop to thank, I sent a message to my idol, Makoto Nagano, and he replied me, and thanked me. It was a little thing for him, but it was priceless to me to find a reply from him, with even a picture in it.

I'm a freak. I'm really a strange girl, but despite of what a lot of people tell me (grow up! wake up!you're wasting your time!), I won't stop dreaming. Never.

Because I Am A Dreamer...