sabato 14 novembre 2009


Yesterday Ryo Matachi (Unlimited Cliffer #2) put up a lot of videos on his youtube channel .
As I found the videos I kept posting them on Sasuke Maniac. A friend was up and working too, so I ended up chatting with her a bit -doesn't happen very often because of friggin timezones- about the videos. You know, while watching Matachi's videos, I first felt bad. Before I was all excited because of the video I made (btw, here it is ), but when I saw that stuff I felt really strange. Humiliated, perhaps? I was wondering why I made my video if there was loads of people who could do so much better than me. Also, when I see all those obstacle replicas, events, I wonder why the hell are those possibilities denied to me.
The bad thing of watching those videos is that I sometimes end up forgettin how old am I, how old are they, and were do I live.
Well, after a while my friend reminded that me Ryo Matachi is 6 years older than me... It was like...waking up.
My brain suddenly decided to come back from Gnawland, and reminding me I'm 14, I started to train 3 months ago, I can't afford replicas and I live in Italy. Why worrying? I'm doing what I can, what the hell!
After a bit I turned off the computer and went to the fencing training.
And this is where the good thing comes up.
While on the bus, I thought about the videos, and the usual whisper in my mind told me: "One day I'll be able to do that too"
Actually, I don't think that day is so far away. It will take time and hard work, but I'll show that

even without friggin obstacle replicas =P

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  1. Yay! Good for you :D Having been there in a lot of ways I can feel your pain. What's interesting about the videos were the parts where Ryo would fall off the obstacles.. only to see his best friend Keita come up and destroy them.. another lesson.. Keita is 27 years old.. LOL So he's 13 years older than you and 7 older than Ryo! Imagine Ryo getting a bit perturbed about that! LOL It's good motivation when you feel down though. Male or Female it's nice to see different perspectives and how people train. Paraphrasing what Nagano said .. It's always good to dream. Something good always comes out of it even if it's not apparent immediately.

    And YES! Girls can do that too!