venerdì 20 novembre 2009

Here it goes again!

Sasuke 24 airdate announcement! Awesome!
Oh, for those who (like me) don't speak Japanese, here's Arsenette's blog .
Seems that the airdate should be on New Year's day. I won't have the problem of skipping school, but my parents and relatives won't be very happy if I stick on the computer all the day. I don't care...all they do is chatting, chatting, chatting on new year's day.
But it's gonna be 6 friggin hours, PLUS...a 2 hours preview with a 30 minutes news break. 8...hours...of...sasuke...again...AWESOME!=P
Anyway, I'm a bit worried.
Most of us have the feeling that Sasuke 24 could be the last one.
I hope not, I do really hope not, and I won't surrender even if they announce 24 to be the last one. Emailing campaigns, petitions, tons of letters, I'm sure the fan community can do theese things and others to keep it going.
Now that Sasuke has become a so much big part of my life, they want to end it? No, it won't be.
But let's cheer up! C'mon everybody, Sasuke 24 is coming!

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  1. I hope it's not the last one either.. :( But that's going to be one Looooooooooooong morning for me.. LOL!!