venerdì 20 novembre 2009

All-Stars portraits

I've never been very good in drawing (still today I have to work hard to barely have a 6/10 in the Art class), but when I'm inspired, motivated, and (mostly)when I have something to copy, I like drawing after all.
Last summer I had a big, big sasuke-mania attack. I couldn't train because it rained, so I was surfing the net and found this big picture in Nagano's website . Besides immediatly putting it as desktop picture (I'm a fangirld and I'm proud of it :P ) , I thought : why not drawing it?
From this, I had an idea: making a portrait of all the All-Stars, and once I've finished them all, sending each picture to them.
The problem is that, as I said before, I'm not that good at drawing, at least when I've got nothing to look at. For Nagano it wasn't a problem, there are so many big and high-quality picture on his website I could draw a giant poster, not a portrait. For Akiyama I found this picture on Arsenette's blog, and thought it was perfect. Found something for Takeda too, but for Yamada, Shingo and Bunpei I still can't find nothing. Either the pictures are too small or too low-quality.
Well, I haven't finished Takeda's portrait yet, but here are Nagano's and Akiyama's.

I must say I'm quite satisfied. I like them very much, and hope to be able to do the same for the other All-Stars.

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