sabato 6 ottobre 2012

All Great Heroes Say Goodbye

This short post was supposed to be a comment to this one, but as I went into obsessive compulsive writing mode I thought what the heck, let's make it a blog.
Those who've occasionally kept in touch with me know how it's gone for me recently... those who havent : I haven't watched SASUKE stuff in ages (aside from 27), not posted in forums, barely kept up with news...not precisely the gamebook of a fixated fan.
And still, when I read about the future of the All-Stars it felt like a part of me cringing and dying. SASUKE is moving on to a completely new, probably brilliant era and I'm not complaining that it is because it's a way for it to survive...however it won't be the same, and it will be deeply missed.
How sad I am to see the All-Stars go has made me realise, to my surprise I must say, how deeply radicated my affection for them is. They were my heroes in a moment when I needed heroes; yet they were simple people with which I could sympathize. And seeing them do wonderful things made me dream and dream of doing the same, and even though I'm far from doing extraordinary, God knows how much that's helped me get where I am now. They've taught me perseverance and sportmanship, the power of willpower but the humanity of accepting one's limits.
They really were ordinary people doing extraordinary things, which included but went beyond grabbing ropes and climbing towers.
What now...well, Sasuke moves on and I intend to keep an eye on it, especially because I don't mind this new direction where it's going. (and, well... it seems that  Sasuke is expanding to places to where I may actually be able to fly/drive/walk if I'm lucky with schooldays and can find the money. It's a chance!)
As for the All-Stars, again, if you know me you know I may have been silent but could never forget them. Heck, if I needed proof, last night my brain decided to shatter my morale with a really frustrating dream about Nagano and Takeda coming to my College and me not being able to tell them a word because their interpreter was having coffee.

Although I've had my great fangirl moments (a couple message exchanges with Nagano, and thanks to someone awesome a friggin' AUTOGRAPH), as many others one of my greatest regrets is never having seen them in person. Though I doubt that'll ever happen I feel I want to do something, send them a message, a picture, anything to really tell them how much I owe them and that even though their era competing in Sasuke may be over they still have reasons to be proud. I'll see, probably in a couple of weeks since academically speaking I'll be in deep crap at least until the end of the month.
Until then...that's all, folks.