domenica 8 novembre 2009


Yesterday I went with my boyscout mates to sell some roasted chestnuts. We do that every year, and we finally got the permission to stay in the central public square of the town. We settled the fire tanks and started cooking.
I'm a stoker in the group. I though I would have had time to think to myself while watching the fire, but, well, it didn't go exactly that way. The fire kept going too much up, burning the chestnuts, or too low, not cooking them, and the cook started being nervous so I had to pay much more attention.
Anyway, it was just fine. Even if I couldn't get lost in my thoughts and dreams, I simply love being the stoker of the team, sitting in front of the fire and keeping it up is really relaxing.
Open the tank, check the fire, put some wood in, keep watching it. It's simple, unless there's a lot of wind. Anyway, I had my friends sticking around, joking, talking with people passing by and asking what were we doing. It was fun to realize I was feeling at the same time like one of them, or like someone who was watching them behind a glass.
In the end, the fire was hot enough to immediately absorb the wood I put in, so I could just put a bigger log and let it go. Then I started thinking, and dreaming.
I thought about how much I love the people that were around me, who I grew with. I thought about how lovely it was to see other people I love passing by and waving a hand, and to wave a hand back. I dreamed about how wonderful it would be to make of my life just what I want, to be a famous writer, or whatever I want to do, and being able to stick to that for passion and work.
As always, I thought about what would I do if I managed to go to Japan and compete in Sasuke. The excitement to be there, to meet the people I admire, to finally run the course...then I thought I still don't have money to travel there, and even if I had, would I be chosen to compete?
But I didn't want those thoughts to wake me up. I just kept watching the fire, and getting lost in my dreams.

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