venerdì 25 dicembre 2009


Ok ok it's Christmas day and I shouldn't spend it on the computer...but right now my father is playing with MY mp3 player (he's an...old generation nerd?), my mother is watching TV and my brother is playing videogames, since the rest of my relatives still has to arrive.
Plus, after watching this, I couldn't help but want to blog about it...there's a reason why we're called Sasuke Maniacs .'s what I'm talking about...SPOILER ALERT!

We found a spot full of huge stuff...

Here's some shots I found interesting and some personal considerations.

Jyunidantobi is back!

I'm a bit surprised. Even if pretty funny to watch in my opinion, this obstacle wasn't exactly a blast in the last tournament. It was more a time waster, even easier than the Rokudantobi.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...please welcome back the Cross Bridge!
Definitely NOT surprised about this one. I've been talking with the other maniacs for a while about the fact that Stage 1 needed a bridge obstacle back. Here it is!
However, I didn't expect them to bring in an old obstacle like the Cross Bridge. Well, at least they added two blades (Bridge of Blades, the G4 name. Didn't know how to call those things)

HPA is back!!!

Despite Paul Darnell's run (he hurt his ankle landing), the Half Pipe Attack is still there. Seems that only if Lev...uhm...another american gets hurt on an obstacle it gets changed. Wtf...Shingo left body parts under the Wall Lift for years...
Ok back on topic :P
Anyway, I'm happy. It's one of my favourite Shin-Sasuke obstacles, even if it took out Akiyama and Shingo twice :/

Now reconfirmed...

...the Unstable Bridge!
Here I have some personal speculations to do. First: seems to me that the path changed. Second...that red shirt looks like Yuuji's. Very unlikely,but what if he made the same mistake???

Epic Fail!

Seriously...I've never seen someone failing like that...uhm, well...*cough* Shingo *cough*...ok, but none did that in Third Stage. Well, I gotta be comprehensive with whoever failed's friggin third stage, arms are on fire at the end. Still frustrating tho.
But I have a possible explanation...again, I'm only speculating, but that seems to me like Hiromichi Sato. Knowing him...and watching again his demise on the Spider Walk portion of the Spider Jump in Sasuke 23...reminds me about the nickname the Maniacs gave him...C-C-C-Combo Breaker!
Yes, I'm evil, I know ^^

Ok for the BIGGEST ONE!

Yes you're right...someone reached Final Stage!
We discussed a bit about this too, and some of us think that's Nagano, and he achieved Kanzenseiha. If so... I'm gonna go bananas for WEEKS! Seriously...he deserves it...

P.S. Here's Arsenette's blog about the last Muscle Park event. Both Takeda and Nagano were there, and as always had a lot of fun. Again, I like watching them together so much! it's so cute and funny!
Bye, people! Merry Christmas again!

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  1. Hmmm... well idk if its Yuuji on the bridge, unless he got a new hairstyle. Also, the last time someone failed like the guy did on the gliding ring was when Ken Hasagawan fell off the pipe slider in Sasuke 2%3.


    P.S. Woah... your thing is in italian...

  2. Oh thanks Blind, now that you made me think about it I remember that guy on the Pipe Slider.

    P.S. about the Italian thing...can't help it :P

  3. Oh I missed this one somehow.... gahhhhhh.. I loved it!! :D

  4. Hey thanks!
    You know...I'm enjoying blogging more and more =D