martedì 8 dicembre 2009


There. Down goes my Sasuke dream. It's over.

I need some time to think. I'm not gonna check Sasuke forums/blogs/websites of any kind, not now that it really could crash me. Until I completely get over it, it would only would make my situation worse;but today Sasuke 24 is filming (here's Arsenette's blog ), so my Sasuke thoughts must keep up for the All-Stars. 幸運を、私のヒーロー!

3 commenti:

  1. Don't give up just yet. What I have noticed from my time doing blogs and even before that.. if you have a dream it's worth pursuing. I'd write a long letter explaining your journey to Monster 9 (Write it in Italian) and explain how it's impossible to even contact the company. They have to know. I think they just got overwhelmed my the Americans and raised the white flag in hopes to shut US up and send us back to G4. As evidenced by JET TV just this past weekend.. THEY couldn't send anyone and TBS had to fork over the cash to bring Lee Enchi over.. so quite frankly I think this too shall pass. Monster 9 does things like this for reasons beyond what we see. I think this was aimed at the Americans. Keep your chin up, keep training and then when your sadness wanes.. write a letter. You know the address ;) Heck.. I'd email it too.

  2. Oh I can't say anything but...thanks. All the people around me told me not to surrender right now, and are right. Probably I've been too much...emotional?
    As always lol.
    Now that I've calmed down a bit, I came to your same conclusions, too.
    Thank you, again.

  3. Nah it's okay to get pissed.. trust me sometimes it's good to get rid of those feelings.. I tend to be very negative in my thoughts and have to snap out of it every now and then. Still.. it's yet another hurdle so I understand your frustration. Nevertheless some positive can come out of this if your letter works.. Looks what it did to Nagano! :D