mercoledì 9 dicembre 2009

Time to react!

quote from my previous entry:

There. Down goes my Sasuke dream. It's over.

I need some time to think. I'm not gonna check Sasuke forums/blogs/websites of any kind, not now that it really could crash me. Until I completely get over it, it would only would make my situation worse;but today Sasuke 24 is filming (here's Arsenette's blog ), so my Sasuke thoughts must keep up for the All-Stars. 幸運を、私のヒーロー!

I was right. The time to dream about Sasuke is over. Now it's time to react! To DO something!
Yesterday was a hella of a day for me. I had to stay calm for all the day because my grandparents were here and I didn't want them to worry for me. Right after they left, I totally went bananas for fifteen minutes or so. After that, strangely, I completely calmed down...and I mean completely, as if I didn't care anymore; probably my brain decided to stop me to prevent me from setting fire to something. Well, it worked lol.
After a while, I finally tried to do what I should have done from the start: THINK!
Now I know what I should do.
Step 1- Make sure, and I mean SURE, that there's no single way to contact GXT/Sky TV to send applications. If there isn't, I'll advance to
Step 2- Email Monster 9 explaining all the crap I've went through during Step 1 and asking them to seriously think about their decision
Step 3- Organizing an e-mail campaign all over the net asking for help to all the non-Japanese and non-American Sasuke fans. Start to sweat, guy-who-reads-email-for-M9!
If nothing happens, this will lead to
Step 4- organizing a petition AND opening a blog where I'll post the messages of all the non-Japanese fans who want to be on the show but now can't due to the ask-your-local-broadcasting-company crap.

Rise Up, Sasuke fans from all over the world!

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  1. Ahahahahah good girl :) I'll pass popcorn :) Mwahahhahah beware guy who reads emails :D