lunedì 14 giugno 2010

Workshop Matera with Laurent Piemontesi 13-14 June '10

When I heard about Laurent Piemontesi (THAT Laurent Piemontesi) coming to Matera again, I completely went mad. He's a legend here for the traceurs in this town. Last year he was here as well, but I was on holiday with my family, so I decided I wasn't gonna miss this if he ever came here again.
Man, that was wonderful. The traceurs' group here is a really small crew (twelve kids) so it didn't feel like a formal lesson.
He impressed me a lot. Quite serious but never strict, he'd help us out even doing imple things, and encourage us when we were scared. There also was his friend Yohann (who looks like Paul Terek, lol). He injured his foot last weeks so he just helped us out but he is a very nice guy.
For example: there was this kinda big jump between to walls in the Sassi, I knew I was able to do it but it simply scared the crap out of me. Aftera a couple of minutes Laurent told me "Come down then, we'll try again tomorrow. It's OK even if you didn't make it, because you at least talked with your fear".
What he said impressed me so much I barely could sleep at night, and the day after decided I was going to try again. I made it! It was friggin...easy. Once I was jumping, I realized it was a kinda small jump compared with other jumps I had made before.
We trained very hard and learned loads of things, but we also joked and mocked each other all the time. Laurent's French accent even when he was speaking Italian was just priceless, we kept mimicking it in front of him and he would just laugh. Sometimes he'd mimick the guys' reaction when they first met him (btw it was an immensely lucky coincidence, he was visiting Matera's Sassi while they were training and they met), or we would harass each other with the circle game (especially Yohann).
These two days have been a real blessing for me. I've never been so serene in months, and I'm also very motivated now. Both Laurent and Yohann told me I have a great potential! A couple of times, after watching me making a long jump or new trick, they would start confabbing in French, then laugh at me desperately trying to get what they were saying - btw I studied French in middle school but...can't remember jack squat- and give me a thumbs up.
In a couple of days there should be video footage and a lot of pictures, by the way.
Gotta go now, au revoir!!!

P.S. Yesterday after furious yelling, my mom locked me at home -also with less than an hour of internet a day- for 3 days because I complained about her bossing me all the time.
Ergo she's doing it wrong because she just proved me right. LOL.

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