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Maguro Festival 2010

First of all...sorry if I haven't blogged Sasuke 25 yet. At this point even doing that in chunks would take too much time since I'm having way more trouble at school than I should, so I need more time to study. I might try to do what I can as soon as I have a couple of days off school, or wait 'til school finishes...which would be June.../sigh

Posters for the event (thanks Elsie for the find)

However, I haven't given up! This time I'm blogging about the Maguro Festival, a local festival held in Miyazaki prefecture, that happens to be where Nagano Makoto lives.
This is the fifth time they also have some Sasuke stuff as well, which is cool! This time, besides Nagano, All Stars Shingo and Akiyama were there.

Maguro Festival 2010 Sasuke course @syuichidc2

They set up this little course . Thanks to Ube we know the obstacles were: Soritatsu Kabe, Cliffhanger, Rope Untei (which should mean rope monkey bars), Lamp Grasper (tho I didn't see it in any pic), Salmon Ladder, Pipe Slider (yay!Long time no see! And I have one.), and something they call Tarzan - I have no clue about what could it be.

He also found a blog with a nice set of pictures.

Shingo helping out some kid @shimojikonashi

And Akiyama doing the same with another one @shimojikonashi

I always like the shots where they help kids on the course. Tho I always think “Wanna be that kid...wanna be that kid!”

Makoto Nagano getting interviewed @shimojikonashi

Watching this pic I couldn't help but think about how Nagano looked fab, especially compared to how the guy interviewing him looked creepy. Ok, ok, back to blogging.

Oh, speaking 'bout Nagano, I found this pic today and thought it was kinda weird. He looked upset for some reason.


Probably it's just me going OCD once again. It's been a week or so...but I digress, again!

Kazuhiko Akiyama getting interviewed @shimojikonashi

As said before, Akiyama and Shingo were there as well. Always nice to see Akiyama in this sort of events, tho I'm sad for Bunpei once again not being there, and too bad Takeda didn't make it as well.

Makoto Nagano freaking out acrophobics (lol Rider) @shimojikonashi

Here I have no idea what he was doing...probably checking out something. However I lol'd at Shingo and Akiyama sitting there in this pic.


Shingo: Scissors!

Kazuhiko: Rock!

Makoto: Could you guys stop playing and help me get down?

Gonna try to post more pics if I find them, and videos if there are. For now that's all, folks!

EDIT: Thanks to the Sasuke Maniac Lennon we have videos!!

Seems that the Tarzan thing was a Rope Glider-ish thing, and the rope monkey bars were for kids only.

Unknown boy no.1 (well, not unknown. Ube tells us it's "perennial STAlmoster Makoto Yahagi". Thank you Ube!)

LOL at Makoto going "Oh crap he's gonna fall from that thing" and climbing his way there just in time to catch the kid when he fell.

Uknown boy no.2 (EDIT: that's Yoshiki Itō, thanks Arsenette)

Scared the heck out of me on the Cliffhanger. He basically caught it while falling straight down.

Now for... Nekkid Shingo!!! LOL


Everybody was laughing at the start. Made me laugh even if I don't know wtf was going on :P after all, Shingo is Shingo. I seriously thought he was gonna take a bath after the Lamp Grasper :O

But hey, Shingo can still pwn the course ya'll ;)

And dulcis in fundo..ok ok I won't even start here's the video :P


Great Run! (said Capitain Obvious after watching this video :P) Besides the fact that he scared the crap out of me on the Shin Cliff -he didn't even swing!- LOL at Shingo suddenly standing and cheesin when he dismounted.

Mwahhaha he looked kinda tiny standing on the top of the Kabe- uhm, perhaps I should stfu since I'm (still) even shorter. I probably wouldn't even have touched the top of that thing :P

Too bad we don't have any videos of Kazuhiko - seems that he didn't feel very well that day so he didn't do any demonstrations. HowevernI still found cute the whole thing, and I'm happy they managed to do this (been told it was basically a last minute project).

EDIT: Props to Arsenette for finding these.

They must from the first day (Maguro festival lasted two days and the other pics I posted should be from day two)

Nagano posing with (lucky) mom and kids. @Blue Diary

Nagano posing for @blife



If I find other stuff I'll post it as soon as I can.

See ya next time!

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