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Sasuke 25 pre-blog


Hey there!
Homework, training, boyscouts, crappy internet connection and a baby cousin (kawaiii) took me so much time that even if once or twice a week I've had enough time to write, my brain had already shut down. Didn't even manage to blog about Sasuke 24 (Elsie's blog and Ube's blog) or Pro Sportsman No.1 (Takeda, Nagano and Shingo competed! It was worth skipping a day of school to watch it ^^ Elsie's and Ube's ). Gah.
But it's time for Sasuke 25! I don't know if I'll be able to write a detailed blog about the new tournament, but I'm going to try.
Sasuke 25 is airing on the 28th (taping date was the 20th of February,here's more details about the Navi ), and it's going to be a blast. In Sasuke 24 Yuuji Urushihaara friggin achieved Kanzenseiha and this means... COURSE RENEWAL! Hell yeah.
I was planning on doing a completely different thing but it looked useles snow that I have real info to work on.

Our first REAL info comes from these pictures, scans of a TV Magazine (thanks Ube!)

Sasuke Champions Makoto Nagano, Yuuji Urushihaara and Kazuhiko Akiyama @LostInUbe

This time Sasuke is gonna be an international thing. That's cool! There's people coming from each Japanese prefecture, plus one from each continent! The red thing Nagano and Akiyama use to cover their numbers (Nagano didn't manage to...*cough* 99? *cough*) are the prefectures they're representing (Miyazaki for Nagano, Hokkaido for Akiyama).
Thanks to David from the Sasuke Maniac boards, we have a translation. The Rolling Log(duh...I'd hate getting dizzy if I ever had the chance to compete) and the Jump Hang (yay!) are back, and seems the Third Stage was renewed to be nearly impossible, with the Cliffhanger becoming so hard even finalists from Sasuke 24 were yelling things like "it's impossible!".

Comedian Dandy Sakano attempting unknown obstacle (btw he's representing the Ishikawa prefecture) @LostInUbe

In the second picture, besides the comedian Dandy Sakano competing, the only relevant info is that once again we will have a -dantobi (steps) obstacle.

Yesterday the first TBS trailer for Sasuke 25 came out, and suddenly the Sasuke Manic boards became an anthill...something like 150 replies in a few hours.

That's because the trailer is nothing but...10 seconds of pure shock. I keep watching it again because...dunno.

Signore e Signori...

...welcome backthe Master of Pwnage(@Gavo), the Jump Hang!
This was one of my favourite obstacles back in Sauke 5-17, and I'm ready to see people backflip in the water again.
Then we have a new First Stage obstacle. Hey! I recognize this!


It looks a lot like an obstacle that was shown before but never used in the actual tournament, except for the rope at the end (thanks Rider for the correction-I really thought it was form the Trials)
This might be harder than it looks! I bet loads of people will fail it (and I'm worried for Shingo...this time he might take a bath veeery early).

On to the Second Stage...

Holy Crap...this is insane.

The Salmon ladder didn't get replaced...there are two, facing each other!
You have to go up on the first...

then turn (or do it backwards. Not highly recommended)

and jump to the second. Hell yeah! I like it a lot, but there might be some safety issues. I hope nobody will get hurt if they fail the transfer.

Next...aaaaah. Sweeet. Ladies and gentleman, lemme introduce...

The Cliffhanger, version 5.0!
It's even more insane than the Salmon Ladder, but we expected that.Up, than backwards,then up,then another ledge,then an almost invisible ledge...and there might be even MORE, since I don't see the end of the background thing.

Seriously, the thing is HUGE! I bet only a few will manage to build a full-size replica of this one.
The possibility of kicking the wall has also been discussed for a while, but I think it's slanted enough to avoid this kind of issues. Higuchi and the design team must have brainstormed a lot on this.

Aaand...the final Stage 3 obstacle! (We can see the Green Bar of Safety) It's an - uh wait a moment.



LoL I have no idea about how they named this. But I do hope it does transfer into a Pipe Slider-ish thing. Oh and yay! The Tower is still there! The Final Stage has to be The Tower. Because I love The Tower. Sorry...I'm raving...

This commercial gave me a lot to think about. Green mats, Jump Hang and Rolling Maruta coming looks a lot like a return the the Old School to me. The course finally seems impossible again, and I love it! I bet this is going to be a golden age for Sasuke.
Only time will tell! See ya on Sunday, people!

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There's also a trailer by VenusHeadTrap that I found really exciting.

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