giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

New Start

Summer has ended a while ago. While I thought it would have been a chance to do what I couldn't do during the school year, I actually needed that time to not do anything at all- you know, relax, clear up my mind a bit.
Now, October the 21th (time is flying O_O), everything is starting over again. School, girl scouts, fencing training (in a week or so). Also, after months of little or no news, a new Sasuke (26th) has come and passed (airdate next January).
So it's time to get ready.
Last year was a bit of a mess, mostly because of school, combined with all the other things I do. Since this school year is going to be even harder, I decided to be well prepared.
I want to organize my everyday life better. Get ahead with homework, decide when and how to train, and even do stuff like writing a blog every week, just to keep things in order in my mind...and avoid getting crazy if I loose control of the situation, hehe.
Another thing I want to do is come up with a decent schedule for my training, both Sasuke training and non-Sasuke stuff.
I still don't know how I'd get to Japan if hell ever freezed over and I made it to Sasuke, heck I don't even know if there will BE a Sasuke 27 (or 28, 29...) - but you know how that goes. I never loose hope.
Sure, when my mother says things like "Why don't you just wait until they do an Italy Sasuke?" I want to bang my head on a wall, but that's another story -.-"
Anyway, just to make sure I have things ready if/when the moment to show what I can do will come, I'll keep working on an entry video. Though I'll probably ditch the old one and do a new one since I can improve and do better stuff.
Ehemm - perhaps my parents are a bit right...I decide to write a post about a "new life" and half the thing becomes Sasuke stuff...LOL.
That said...the very first thing to do is getting enough sleep, and considering it's half past midnight now...not a good start :P Nighty night!

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